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Cycle Holidays - If I hire a bike will it fit me and what equipment should I bring?

If you decide to hire a bike we will ensure it is set to your specific height requirements. When making your holiday booking, we will request specific measurements of your existing bike so we can set it up in the same way (see diagram below). Each bike includes saddle (see question on saddle) & pedals (see question on pedals). In addition, you get a free water bottle and Bedar Cycling Holidays cycle top to keep. You should bring your cycle kit (we have branded Bedar Cycle Holidays kit for sale), helmet, sunglasses, shoes and cycle computer.

Cycle Holidays - Can you supply a bike or can I bring my own?

Yes and Yes! Most clients bring their own bike, as you can transfer easily using a bike box, we strongly recommend you check with your flight carrier if you want to have your bike transferred for any specific terms of transfer. We understand also, for whatever reason, you may not want to bring your own bike. We can arrange for the hire of a Carbon/Ultegra Groupset Giant TCR Advanced Disk bike for you. We are qualified mechanics and can help with any light maintenance you may need on your holiday. We also have a reasonable stocked workshop (use of the workshop is at your own risk) with some basic essentials that can be utilised for basic fine tuning/replacements. We have a couple of track pumps, workshop bike stand and cleaning materials If necessary so you cna keep your bike in tip/top condition. If something, more complex, we can also organise for you to visit a local bike shop/mechanics if required. If bringing your own bike we recommend you bring a minimum of 2 inner tubes/or repair kit if tubeless & your cycle pump/air.

Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions - Can I bring my own saddle?

For E-Bike and day road bike excursions - only with saddle supplied as limited time use. For Cycle Holidays - Yes, of course! We understand the process of 'breaking in' a saddle and if you wish to bring your own saddle then we will happily fit when you collect your bike. However, we find that as the majority of our clients are cycling for 6 days or less that they find the bike with saddle provided works well for them during this period.

Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions - What pedals do you supply?

E- Leisure Bikes - come with universal flat pedals. Cycle Holiday/Road Bike Day Excursions - We provide the option of SPD-SL and Look Keo pedals as these are by far the most common. If you have a pedal that is different to this and advise us in advance and sufficient notice we will endeavour to source. Alternatively, you can bring your own pedals and we will happily fit them at the time of collection.

Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions - Are the hire bikes safe?

In a word ... yes! All bikes are double checked by qualifed bike mechanics through our 22 point safety checklist before they are hired out. They also have an ongoing service programme and the bikes are continually maintained and any component which is showing signs of wear and tear is replaced. Our focus is on you having an awesome cycling holiday and know that for this to be so the bike must be in excellent working condition and be safe.

Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions - Where does Bedar Cycle Holidays operate from?

Cycle Holidays: We are based in the centre of Bedar village (the 'Bedar climb' a must for all cyclists!) at our accomodation hosts No.1 La Meseta. Day Excursions: We operate from our partner bike hire business in Bouvangillas, Garrucha/Mojacar.

Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions - I'm not familar with the area, can you give advice on where to cycle?

Dont worry ... your Bedar Cycle holiday includes four days of guided tours with the perfect mix of coast and mountains, in short something for everyone ... oh and its sunny and warm mostly!

Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions - Do I need to wear a helmet?

The wearing of a helmet in Spain is mandatory in interurban areas, but there is no obligation in urban areas. However under 16's must wear a helmet at all times. We however, strongly recommend that a helmet be worn at all times and if you choose not to, then it is against our advice and at your own risk (a risk we don't think worth taking). When on guided cycle tours we insist that a helemet is worn, if you choose not to, you will not be able to join the guided tours. It is ok to remove helmet whilst on long climbs and particularly if a hot day. However, helmet must be worn immediately once climb is complete. We apply a simple approach to this, as a matter of safety, No Helmet, No Ride.

Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions - Insurance

Cycle Holidays: It is a condition of our Cycle Holidays that you have an appropriate medical and personal accident cycle insurance for your holiday. We recommend Cycle Specialist, other comapnies are available. When booking we will request your Insurance details (name, contact number and policy number as well as your emergency contact details). Day Excursions: We strongly recommend you consider single cover insurance from when hiring a bike to go on the open road or check in advance that your travel insurance covers you for this type of activity. The hire of a bike, and any terms and conditions are relevant and applicable as deemed by the hire bike provider and yourself. Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions: If you are a EU citizen, we strongly recommend that you have with you your EHIC card. This allows you access to medical treatments in the European Economic Area. If in the UK you can apply at and get more information at The EHIC card is not a substitute for insurance and will not be accepted by us as an alternative. If no insurance, no riding.

Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions - Who is responsible for any damage to or theft of a bike?

Cycle Holidays - Prior to riding a hire bike we ensure your bike is presented in perfect condition and having gone through a 22 point safety check and double checked by two qualified bike mechanics. Once you leave with the bike you assume full responsibilty of it. These are valuable items and we therefore recommend that they are not left unsupervised at any time and are held securely overnight. If the bike is stolen the cost of replacing will be your accountability. Our cycle hub is at our accomodation partners No.1 La Meseta and it will be secured there overnight (at your own risk) and if you choose to store elsewhere you assume full responsibility for its condition and security. We strongly recommend that you arrange an appropriate cycle holiday specific insurance,, amongst others can provide you with this. Day Excursions - You are responsible for checking with the bike hire company that the bike meets your requirements and any contract for hire is solely between you and the bike hire company. Bikes are valuable items and should be with you at all times. Any damage or loss will be your responsibility in accordance with the third party bike hire companies terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions explain in detail.

Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions - What happens if I have a mechanical problem?

If on our guided tours you will have two cycle mechanics with you at all times so we should be able to get any minor issues resolved quickly (flat tyre etc). If you are out on your bike on a non guided cycle tour day and have a basic problem such as a flat tyre then we would expect this to be resolved by the cyclist at the road side. If you have a more significant issue or failing of any equipment then you should contact us in the first instance on 00 34 643 766 935 or 00 34 643 722 762. Dependent upon the situation we will advise on how we will collect you. If it is a mechanical failure not of the making of the cyclist then we will meet the cost of this. However, if it is due to a cyclists negligent actions then they will be liable for any associated costs of recovery and repair.

Cycle Holidays/Day Excursions - What do I do if I have an emergency?

Our focus is on safe and considerate cycling on the road. As we have stated we are not a training camp and not looking to get there fast but focus on enjoyment and pleasure of cycling with a group of friends. However, if an emergency situation occurs, and you are on a guided tour we will ensure any necessary action is taken immediately, emergency services or support vehicle called, as appropriate. If you are out on a non guided tour and you are faced with a life threatening emergency then you should call emergency services in the first instance 122 for Police, Ambulance, Fire, Civil Protection. If don't require emergency services then you can call us on 0034 643 722 762 or 0034 643 766 935. Your health, safety and wellbeing are our constant priority.

Day Excursions - Do I need to be an experienced cyclist?

Road Bike Hire - Yes. This is aimed at existing road bike cyclists and who have a basic awareness and experience of riding a road bike on the open road. Leisure E-Bike Hire - No. You don't need to be a serious cyclist for this as it is aimed at those who want to enjoy a leisure cycle. However, although we focus on quieter roads you do need to have good basic understanding of road etiquette and be confident in cycling on the open road beside traffic.

Cycle Holidays - Can non-cyclists come on holidays?

Yes, of course. There is much to do in Bédar and non-cyclists are welcome on our Full Luxury holidays when accompanied with a cyclist. There is a 100€ reduction for the 7 night holiday and 60€ for the 4 night holiday.

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