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Zen Body and Mind specialise in sports massage as well as relaxing, recovery and head massage.  We bespoke to your specific requirements utilising techniques from Sports, Swedish and Indian head massage to assist your recovery, mobility, performance or general relaxation and wellbeing.


We believe life is easier when it is simple and uncomplicated. That is why we have developed a clear and simple pricing model, so no matter your requirement, you can be sure of a highly professional service without complicated pricing to distract from what is important - you feeling better! 

  • Half hour session = 20€

  • One  hour session = 40€

  • 90 minute session = 60€

To book, you can call Cheryl or Whats App on +34 643 766 935 or email at .


Sports such as cycling create repetitious movement that puts a serious strain on muscles and joints.  The sustained muscle contractions caused by cycling can lead to you feeling sore and can cause you to lose some of your mobility. Our massage will help elongate your muscles increasing your flexibility/mobility and improved performance. We utilise a blend of techniques that cover a range or combination of full leg, ankle, foot and lower back; intensive lactic reduction, back, neck, shoulder arms or/& hand wrist and shoulder massage.



A deep tissue technique, particularly effective in aiding injury prevention as well as post physical recovery from sporting activities or heavy exertion. This technique is particularly effective for maintaining strong sporting performance allowing you to maximise the efficency from your body as well as reducing the risk of injury, to allow you to achieve maximum physical and sporting output. In addition it is ideal for managing and relieving aches, pains & strains. Utilising compression, stretches, trigger points and friction techniques to achieve improved mobility and optimum performance.  



Creating a feeling of well-being and allow for deep levels of relaxation. Long sweeping massage strokes are delivered to the shoulders, neck, and back. The arms, legs, hands and feet are also massaged to ensure full body benefits, which make it ideal for anyone seeking to relax or utilise as part of a recovery programme or simply remove general aches, pains and knots from the body.




Used to improve overall health; combatting stress levels & poor circulation. Therapeutic massage combines a low chair & the massage couch to prevent you experiencing pain, and allowing us to target your face; head; neck & shoulders, as well as the upper back & arms.   

Physiological Benefits

  • Can release joint restrictions and increase joint mobility

  • Relieve tight, stiffness and spasms in muscles

  • Increase flexibility and range in muscles

  • Improve circulation delivering more nutrients to the muscles

  • Improve circulation releasing toxins and waste form the muscles

  • Reduce muscular fatigue and soreness in muscles

  • Reduce ischaemia (poor blood flow) easing localised pain and tissue dysfunction

  • Reduce oedema (excess fluid in the tissue) by increasing lymphatic drainage

  • Strengthen the immune system and stimulate and soothe the nervous system

  • Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system leading to stress reduction

  • Improved circulation resulting in quicker regeneration and healthier skin

  • Increase skin elasticity as well sebum production improving skin suppleness and resistance to infection

  • Deepen respiration and increase lung capacity

  • Improved digestion, helping to relieve such symptoms as IBS, colic and wind

  • Increased recovery from fatigue/sport exertion and or injury

Psychological Benefits

  • Release of endorphins, the bodies natural painkiller and mood enhancer

  • Reduce levels of stress and anxiety

  • Achieve deep levels of relaxation

  • Improve energy and vigour

  • Stimulate physical activity

  • Increased awareness of posture and how to reduce risk of injury

  • Alleviate depression

  • Rejuvenate both body and mind

  • Enhance feelings of self-esteem

  • Ease emotional trauma

  • Promote feelings of well being and happiness

  • Promote positivity when recovering from injury or physical setback

For enquiries regarding any of our services, please contact us.

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